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Also, as the worm is “invisible”in the night, Lester’s love for Angela is kept a secret from his wife andfamily.

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In thispaper, I will point out similarities in these two particular works of Blakeand Mendez and show how the theme of sexual tension and its devastatingeffects is represented in both.

American Beauty is a stark artistic piece representing individualtorment and family calamity situated around the central character of Lester Burnham.

Angela is like the rose in Blake’spiece because she is the object of desire.

The movie is riddled with Lester’s daydreams and nighttime fantasies of Angela, and each time, hernaked body is covered with scarlet rose petals, a traditional symbol offeminine sex appeal.

Each creator succeeds in representing the devastating effectsof sexual desire.

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On the other hand, Blake’s poem has been interpreted as somethingother than just a poem about sexual desire and loss of innocence.Lester is a middle-aged, suburban-dwelling desk worker whosuddenly finds himself in an experience similar to a mid-life crisis afterfalling in love with his daughter’s beautiful high school friend, Angela Hayes.The infatuation develops into an unhealthy sexual obsession fueledby Angela’s provocative implications.In both the movie and the poem, a “life is destroyed” and purity is sadlylost forever.Both focus on two central themes, one of violent sexualinfatuation.Politics, on the other hand, can be just ascontroversial.By criticizing modern society and analyzing culture, onesuggests the option to question our superiors. It isn’t surprising then, that poets such as William Blake would utilize these two particular concepts and capture their violentpossibilities in verse.Each character is stuckin his or her own personal prison of social norms, parental expectations,rules, reputation, and even marriage.The movie is a stand against what the”American Dream” has become.More recently, directors such as Sam Mendez haveexposed the raw cruelty of sexual anxiety and of corrupt politics on thesilver screen.In this paper, I will compare Mendez’s movie American Beautyand Blake’s poem “The Sick Rose” and show how they each utilize theconcepts of sexual immorality and political corruption.


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