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Lots of excitement, dangers involved fun and on the whole a great experience was what this journey gifted us.

If given a chance, we would all go for a second time for this great expedition, with no second thoughts.

Since there is not much traffic, we dont worry too much about cars. They watch out for each Paragraph other and this makes where I live extra nice.

Furthermore, I can walk around my neighborhood without being afraid of someone hurting me. If anyone has a problem with their car or even something in their house, a neighbor is usually there to help.

With lots of instructions and warnings we stared our journey and the much awaited journey came to an end. We tried hard, but could not make it to a good height that we could.

My Neighborhood Essay Family Day Care Business Plan

Then our parents went and they too had a tough time.

Title My Neighborhood is Great Introduction I really love my neighborhood. Of course, when the kids get home, there is more noise; but, it is relatively quiet all day in my neighborhood. The police drive around it Paragraph everyday and the kids play outside with no problems.

Even though it has the regular amount Paragraph of noise of any place, there are many peaceful moments.

Furthermore, it is only 15-minute by car and 40-minute on foot to get to my work, which makes my commuting more comfortable, pleasant and easier.

Here is your short paragraph on my adventurous journey: Travelling has always excited me and when it gets more adventurous it is more interesting. So whenever they get time, we set out for our great journeys that are filled with lots of adventures, fun and excitement. My father told me that I would not be allowed great heights and no fuss at the location and so I had no choice, other than listen to him.


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