My Accomplishments Essay

My Accomplishments Essay-6
Alan Garcia 08-12-12 Well the accomplishment that has given me a better recreation was when i had pass the writing psychometric test (GGT).

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There are constantly advertisements in your face about what you never knew you needed, but is nonetheless a necessity of life.I spended hours writing essays aftershool and were constantly I could I did.I wanted my family to be elevated of me because the life of an immagrant wasnt easy for so many re asons. o Atlanta suddenly I knew werent in Mexico anymore.But now I just think, “I did my best, and that’s it.I’ll try to do better next time.” I don’t expect myself to be perfect.This life is all we’ve got, and I don’t know about you, but I want to make the most of it.I may not have all the coolest stuff, and I may not be as pretty as a model.I kenw it woulndt be easy beacuse of the diffuclty of being a Latino person to be able to write an experiment I knew it was possible I bonnie wasnt sure if I could do it.Also, I was nervous because i knew the level of understaning of oration enighlish so that would be hard to manipulate as well, further if i kne one thing for sure is that i wouldnt broken my faith.I remeber I couldnt counterpoise period the day before of all the anxiousness the day before the trialen.I prepared myself for that day I examine so clayey.


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