Murders In The Rue Morgue Thesis Statement

Murders In The Rue Morgue Thesis Statement-51
Of course CBSRMT added characters and their development took up time so there was less time to deal with the details of the crimes.

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The dialogue and acting was rather stilted, I think because they were trying to simulate what they thought was French people speaking English. The Edgar Allen Poe stories are the only episodes I actually remember from listening to RMT during the original run and I listened faithfully for about 5 or 6 months in 74/75; then came HS graduation and collage.

Unfortunately, RMT wasn't something I continued, due to other interests at the time.

These were written stories and they still leave frightening images in one’s own mind.

This is one of my favorite adaptations of this story.

I always think more of Hercule Poirot rather than Sherlock Holmes (due to the French sounding name) when I think of Dupin, but they all have the same type of thinking processes (starting with Dupin).

Pierre Muset wants to become a Gendarme First Class in the Paris police force so he can marry his sweetheart, Yvette.It would have been interesting if this one had included a news broadcast; I'm guessing it may have been aired sometime around June 1989..(?) It's possible it could have been broadcast in the late 80's.When a grisly double murder takes place, Pierre, a slow thinker, resolves to catch the murderer and win the promotion. Auguste Dupin, an amateur crime solver, who kindly agrees to help only if all the credit goes to Pierre. Auguste Dupin is a man in Paris who solves the mystery of the brutal murder of two women.several years before VHS "Hi-Fi" VCRs were available (or VCRs in general).Except for the Himan Brown narrations in 1998, I didn't realize RMT was rebroadcast after it ended in 1982.Of course, it is difficult to get some of the details in any story into a 40 minute radio show, so it's understandable.I do really like this story of Dupin and wish Poe had written him into more than 3 stories, but I enjoy the ones that were written.I have listened to is several times and I will listen to it again. We want everything now and we refuse to allow our mind do the work.Sometimes you have to learn to "imagine." A good listen even if it didn't follow the story as closely as I would've liked.


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