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Sincerely, Dana Huff Research papers are usually essays that incorporate documented research.Multigenre research projects aren't much different except that they take advantage of the fact that a variety of ways to express that research are available.I also learned how Austen's novels influenced the development of the novel as a serious form of literature. I am used to thinking of her work as classic literature, always a part of some agreed-upon literary canon.

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The basis for Romano's approach is to "[r]esist explaining, summing up, and analyzing. In a traditional report on a typical research topic such as anorexia, the writer funnels information from primary or secondary sources into a standard form.

When the writer uses the same source information to write a multigenre paper, however, the facts might become the basis of a realistic diary for a fictional victim of the disease, and the finished product might also include photographs, original drawings, or photocopied art. The multigenre paper is a new concept for most readers, and those who expect a traditional research paper will quickly lose their way.

By: Stephen Smarjesse Publication: The Quarterly, Vol. 4 Date: Fall 2000 Summary: Smarjesse argues that Romano's multigenre approach engages students in higher levels of creative thought, helping them also to develop and hone basic skills. Romano's approach offers even more creative opportunities.

A colleague recommended this book as an extension of the I-Search format established by Ken Macrorie, which emphasizes primary sources rather than secondary information and frees the researcher to write about discoveries using first person pronouns.

Finally, my fourth artifact is a collection of Austen heroine trading cards, constructed using images from popular Jane Austen films and photo-editing software called Gimp.

I hope you will enjoy learning about Aunt Jane as much as I did.

In order to learn the answers to these questions, I used both print and nonprint resources, including online newspapers and literary criticism, in order to research Jane Austen's influence both in her own time and in ours.

I also researched multimedia, including images and videos that conveyed our current fascination with Austen's work.

I think Austen would be surprised by her success, and because she wrote so often to her sister, Cassandra, I researched some letters written to her sister and composed a letter in which Jane describes how she felt upon seeing into the future and discovering her popularity in the 21st century.

My third artifact is a collage of images displaying Austen's influence in contemporary culture, including images from film and fan-created objects.


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