Motorcycle Shop Business Plan

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Tip #10: Build the right team for the job Even the strongest business plan can fail.When the wrong people become involved, no business is safe. Hire people who others will like as much as like you, or even more than they like you.You might want to share a few suggestions for John to look into.

Choose wisely who you want to have representing your business. Don’t settle for hiring a friend, or a friend of friend, simply because he or she needs a job.

Choose even more carefully if you decide to partner with someone. Invest carefully in your business and watch it come to life. In more seasonal climates such as the northern USA and Canada, the biz is feast or famine.

Take advantage of these opportunities to promote the hell out of your business. Keep an eye on California, moto trends and fashions all seem to start out of there and spread.

You can soak up a lot about a niche in very little time by browsing through online forums from ADVRider to ZXForums.

She’s another reader on the forum, happy to see you out there and helping the community.

Tip #9: Keep on giving Tickets to Nitro Circus, anyone?Helping a present or prospective customer doesn’t need to be time consuming.Right now John is posting a question on your local area’s motorcycle forum asking for advice on why his motorcycle won’t start. A motorcycle aficionado doesn’t always make the best motorcycle business owner.A passion for motorcycling is only half of the winning recipe.Learning the business can be expensive and time consuming, and business savvy comes from experience.Be sure to reap the benefits of learning from someone else who’s paid their dues by getting some industry experience working for others before branching out and going solo.The high street shop sells a comprehensive range of must-have scooters, motorcycles and accessories, but the website focuses on a select range of biker clothing priced from £40 to in excess of £1,000."It's key that we sell clothing that's highly desirable and hard to track down," says Will.You can also provide perks to your customers like free tickets to the local motorcycle shows, special events, movie passes, gifts, or simply an invitation to meet you at this weekend’s bike meet.You want your business to last, so build long term relationships with your customers.


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