Motivation To Write Thesis

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Using files and folders is important because as your thesis progresses you will find you collect a large number of draft chapters/sections, notes, and other documents.

You need to have a system for organising these materials so that you can locate them easily and quickly as you need them.

Once you have developed your thesis plan and your work plan and have agreed these with your supervisory team, it is important that you use them by regularly referring back to them and comparing your actual progress with where your plans say you should be.

As you do this, ask yourself questions about whether what you are doing is consistent with your plans: If you are finding that you are not keeping to your plans, then you may have to adjust your working practices.

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To keep up with your work plan you will need to make sure that you are giving sufficient time to working on your thesis each week.

You have your plan and have made a start on writing your thesis.

The key now is to keep going, but doing that as effectively as possible will depend on you being able to manage your work - taking active control of your writing, your time, and yourself so that you follow the plan you have developed and agreed.

Keeping your workspace tidy will help you avoid unnecessary distractions and stay focused on your work.

You need to have a workspace that is comfortable, quiet, and which encourages you to approach your work each day in a professional frame of mind.


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