Moral And Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Where’s the dilemma in generally doing the right thing and avoiding doing the wrong thing?3 has potential, but doesn’t go into the issues in enough depth.What the employer is trying to measure is: The example you choose is far less important than how well you cover the points outlined above.

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It’s fine if your dilemma is relatively commonplace – most ethical decisions in work are like that.

It could be a situation that many of us are likely to encounter in everyday life.

For this case, treating this single patient means that there will not be enough money to treat all of the other patients who come to the clinic over the course of the year.

In economic terms, we might say that his care is not cost-effective because for the same amount invested in supplying the clinic, we could prevent many more deaths or disability adjusted life years for a greater number of patients.

1 is going to raise more questions for your interviewer than it answers.

2 is just saying you’re a nice person – but that’s not answering the question.

You might say that your dilemma here is to balance wanting to help an individual (homeless person) with focusing your resources effectively.

If you have time, your first action might be to offer to buy a warm snack as that resource is targeted.

between being ambitious and stepping on colleagues – or doing a deal that helps one group of people but not others, indeed perhaps puts others at a disadvantage?

You may feel you’ve never encountered a genuinely challenging ethical dilemma in the workplace.


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