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The Sloan campus is surrounded by innovative companies and labs, and students feel an invigorating atmosphere right from the time they enter the campus.The over 60 clubs are one of the mainstays of student life, and they cater to a range of interests from books to basketball.Just because Sloan only has two deadlines does not turn Round 2 into a de facto Round 3.

Cambridge may not have significant parks like some other cities, but the wide open accessible spaces on the university campuses make up for it very well.

The city has a number of museums including those at Harvard and MIT, and the arts scene is vibrant with large exhibitions of public art and festivals, including the annual Cambridge River Festival.

One is strategy-dependent, where just knowing how to attack the questions - where to put X and where to put Y - is half the battle. We have a very specific strategy for how to get all of the "right" content into the tricky Wharton questions, which takes the pressure of the actual execution. Surely you can just copy and paste from other apps though, right? MIT Sloan is a different animal than these other programs. That accomplishment essay from HBS probably isn't going to be nearly deep enough. Our rule of thumb is this: if they would not be able to admit you solely off the cover letter, you don't have a good MIT Sloan cover letter.

With Sloan, there's nothing magical about the questions. Not so fast…By the time you get to Sloan, you might have 3-to-4 sets of essays in the bag. It might get there, once you go from 400 words to a different kind of 500 words, but that's no cut and paste. MIT had a new question for Essay 3 last year, which has been jettisoned in favor of ... There is no Essay 3 now, as they went with a Cover Letter and two essays, probably to spare the eyesight and sanity of their reads (MIT doesn't farm out a lot of work).

As for Cambridge weather, the popular notion is that “if you don’t like the weather, wait for 10 minutes and it is likely to change.” Spring has moderate weather with temperatures between 15 and 21 degrees C. Fall is the most popular among tourists, but the nights can get cold.

Winters are cold, and sometimes see snow, and shoes with a good grip are recommended.Most importantly, because of its unique end-of-October deadline and equally unique two-round admissions process, we would wager that application quality on Sloan apps is far lower than on other top programs (which is a *massive* problem if you want to be admitted there).Candidates often don't even start on their Sloan apps until after the October 3-16 gauntlet of deadlines and then they race to finish because they fear waiting until the "last" round.MIT Sloan is situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in the north of Boston, across the Charles River.A little about Cambridge: the city was named after the University of Cambridge, which was once a center of Puritan theology practiced by the founders of the US city.Management education began at MIT in 1914 with a course in engineering administration and gradually developed into the Sloan school.Sloan students have deep and engaging ties with their counterparts at MIT and collaborate on various projects and programs.It's part of the reason they don't have a goals essay - they find little predictive value in you merely telling them what you plan to do. They can ultimately say "yes, this is the right story for this essay" or "thank you for presenting me with X, Y, Z, now I am going with my gut here." They are the ones who roll with the punches in an interview, understanding that it won't be perfect, but it can still be good.They set their recommenders up for success by sitting down for coffee, sharing information, and then trusting that person to do the job (rather than getting involved and turning the rec letter into a essay with someone else's name on it).In years of doing this, what we have noticed more than anything is that some people have the courage of their convictions and some people are just leaves blowing in the wind. Embrace the spirit of this essay prompt from last year, and this application (which is still loaded with ambiguity), and this whole process with the courage of your convictions. Share with Sloan - and with everyone, for that matter - that you can survey the landscape, do your best to acquire info, and then charge forward with passion, confidence, and determination.It will be your gift to the school, to your consultant, and to yourself.


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