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Alghamdi PDF The Lived Experience of Intersectionality Among African American Women with Breast Cancer, Teri D. Accredited Universities Located in Foreign Countries, Jeff Bourgeois PDF Low-Fee Private Schools in West Africa: Case Studies from Burkina Faso and Ghana, Corinne Brion PDF The Impact of After School Tutoring on Math Achievement: Perceptions of African American Males and Those Who Teach Them, Eric L.

Many Pardee RAND dissertations are partially- or fully-funded through endowed dissertation awards and other prizes.

Alongside the last day of classes today, the blog’s Student Stories writers are wrapping up their commitments for the year.

Degheri PDF Technology versus Touch: Targeting Heart Failure Self-Care in Older Adults, Millicent Guiaya De Jesus PDF Correlates of Diabetes Self-Management Among Filipinos, Dinnah Lumibao Didulo PDF Social Ecological Factors Associated with Parental Vaccination Decisions and Perceptions of Barriers to Childhood Immunizations, Catherine A.

Ferris PDF Mexican-Born Immigrant Decision-Making About Self-Management of Type 2 Diabetes, Virginia Lynn Hart-Kepler PDF When Rules and Common Sense Collide: Expressions, Roots, and Impact of Informal Civil Society in Ukraine, Svitlana Krasynska PDF Women Living with HIV/AIDS and Disclosure, Monique A.

Torres, Nursing PDF Motivations and Barriers for Saudi Nurses to Pursue a Doctoral Degree, Abdualrahman Alshehry, Nursing PDF Knowledge Development in Undergraduate Clinical Nursing Education, Nancy A.

Craig-Williams, Nursing PDF Acute Pain Symptom Assessment and Management in Nonverbal Puerto Rican Patients in the Early Postoperative Period, Sherily Pereira, Nursing PDF Injection Drug Users’ Perceptions of Received Nursing Care: A Case Study, Kimberly Dion, Nursing PDF Cup Feeding In the Neonatal ICU: The Influence of Country, Belief, Preference, and Past Behavior, Sameh Ghareeb, Nursing PDF A Grounded Theory Study of Social Process that Influence a Child being Overweight in Thailand, Jumpee Prasitchai, Nursing PDF A Preliminary Model of Dignity Management in Hospice, Qiaohong Guo, Nursing PDF NEEDS OF PATIENT’S FAMILIES IN THE HOSPITAL TELE-INTENSIVE CARE UNIT, Mary L.

Hunt PDF Examining the Relationships Between Ethnicity, Palliative Care and Readmissions in the Heart Failure Population, Deanna Johnston PDF Command Climate and Ethical Behavior: Perspectives from the Commandant's of the Marine Corps, Brian Kerl PDF African American Women Baccalaureate Success: A Reflective Look at Pre-Collegiate Years Influencing Transition, Persistence, and Degree Attainment, Leilah K.

Kirkendoll PDF Tracing the Change Process: Fostering and Sustaining Student Affairs Cultures of Assessment, Margaret Leary PDF The Effect of Mantram Repetition on QOL in Low-income, Urban Dwelling Older Adults, Marissa Katerina Mackiewicz PDF Priapism Among Male Adolescents with Sickle Cell Disease, Prince Ocansey PDF Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner as a Subspecialty: A Case Study, Debra M.

Millennial Stereotypes, Self-Image, and Engagement in the Workplace, Stephanie Van Dellen PDF Exploring the Homeless Persons Perception of Living in a Long-Term Care Facility, Janice Woods PDF In Pursuit of Transformative Learning: Exploring the Stimulation of Curiosity Through Critical Reflection in the College Classroom, Bo Y.

Bae PDF Career Decision-Making of Higher Education Professionals of Philippine Descent: The Untold Stories of an Asian Pacific Islander Community, Grace Abenoja Bagunu PDF Exploring the Journey: Overcoming the Life of Sex Trafficking, Cheryl Boyd PDF Identifying Cross-Country Key Drivers of Social Entrepreneurial Activity, Cris Bravo PDF Bariatric Surgery Regain and Long-Term Weight Loss among Women: Self-Efficacy, Social Support and Health Promotion Lifestyle Behaviors, Raelene Z.


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