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[5], the fact that the motion picture crosses genres restates the duplicity which transpires throughout the film.Moreover, this distribution of the melodrama discourse and the purity of the film noir character in Mildred's flashbacks reinforce the idea of confusion and fluctuation of elements. The duplicitous pattern is visually suggested through the use of contrasting lights and shadows whereas the director's intentions to lead the audience to the belief that Mildred is the murderer are clear from the film's debut. Conclusion As a conclusion, I consider that Mildred Pierce's popularity and relevance in the course of the past two centuries is a direct result of its approach of dealing with questions of eros and the mantle of gender.

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In The Dark Corner (Henry Hathaway, 1946), the investigator is saved by the killer's wife and in both The High Wall (Curtis Bernhardt, 1947) and Woman on the Run (Norman Foster, 1950), the women are the investigators.

In some films the women were victims, which contrasts to well-known representation of the fetishised femme fatale: in Murder Is My Beat (Edgar G.

In the end, the truth cannot be revealed by the womanly entity, but by the paternalistic detective.

The blinds are opened and the light comes in, which does not only symbolise truth, but masculinity as well, therefore the defeat of the matriarchy.[23] This concept is reinforced by the final shots in which the building's cleaning-women are on their knees scrubbing the floor.[24] Mildred Pierce is indeed a step forward both cinematically and politically, but it represents only the first flame of the conflict which build around problems of gender equality.

It’s a wonderful cinematic pairing of talent and characters.

Supporting talent, including Jack Carson and Zachary Scott, are equally on point.

A classic given new life by a stunning Criterion release, backed up by a host of extras that offer much insight to the extraordinary career of Joan Crawford.

But the new Blu-ray editions of these classics offer a feast of special features that deepened my appreciation of both pictures.

The armed conflict strengthened the ideological and political differences between nations, which had been subtly expressed until this point through culture and civilisation.

One of the most poignant approaches of revealing or irreversibly distorting the reality of war was through the use of celluloid.


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