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With the increasing use of social media by students, researchers, administrative staff, and faculty in post-secondary education (PSE), a number of institutions have developed guideline and policy documents to set standards for use.

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Quinn North Vancouver secondary school art teacher Meghan Parker is graduating this month from SFU with an MA in education and a special distinction.

She is the first Canadian to complete a thesis of an autobiographical nature in comic book form.

It has been the most meaningful learning experience I have ever undertaken.

★★★★✩ The Ph D Movie 2: Still in Grad School Directed by Iram Bilal Starring Raj Katti, Alexandra Lockwood If you are a frequent reader of the comics section of The Tech, you’ll be familiar with Piled Higher and Deeper, the home of the chocolate-loving Cecilia, the consistently unproductive Mike Slackenerny, and our lovable, flawed, and forever lost-in-purpose Nameless Hero.

Additionally, this research stimulated important theoretical development for how organizations socially construct a semantic structure within a community of practice (Wenger, 1998).

By assessing the community of practice, comprised of PSE 250 institutions that direct social media use, a corpus of documents created unstructured data to evaluate the community.

They were created in no particular order and I was making about two to three comics a week over a two-year period.” She worked closely with Fels and Ling during this period, discussing, stacking, sorting and rearranging the work into its final form.

Since its successful public defense, Parker's thesis has received the 2017 Arts Researchers Teachers Graduate Research Award and is the first thesis of its kind in Canada.

Organizational Identity and Community Values: Determining Meaning in Post-Secondary Education Social Media Guideline and Policy Documents.

Dissertation Abstract, Doctor of Philosophy (Applied Technology and Performance Improvement), August 2014.


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