Michigan Bar Essay Exam Questions

Last October the Michigan Board of Law Examiners posted the names of 451 law graduates who passed the July 2018 Michigan Bar Examination.

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According to Holly Glazier-Hicks, WMU-Cooley’s former Director of Academic/Bar Exam Services, “In reality, the number of separate subjects that can be tested totals 24.” Mi BE essay questions and draft model answers are distributed to in-state law professors for comment after the exam is administered but before grading begins.

Endorsements The ABA Law Student Division has been an enthusiastic supporter of the UBE.

Multistate Essay Exam questions typically consist of four issues that must be IRAC’d.

Multistate Performance Exam assignments generally require performance of two tasks.

States have the choice of grading answers according to general U. Currently, 23 jurisdictions require a separate test, course, or combination of the two, on local law either before or after the exam.

New York, for example, requires both a course and an examination on New York law, both online.Instead of being limited to Michigan, our bar-passers could look for employment in 35 other jurisdictions without retaking the bar exam.And portability allows new lawyers to establish cross-jurisdictional practices more easily.Each of the five Board members is responsible for three of the 15 questions.Some members draft some of their own questions, the Board’s Executive Director Maribeth Preston has confirmed, while others farm out all of them.Then they are pretested, analyzed by outside subject-matter experts, and reviewed by the boards of bar examiners in user jurisdictions.The NCBE provides a grading guide for every question and sponsors a grading workshop for bar examiners The essay and performance parts of the UBE are independently graded and scored by each state. States that wish to add a state-specific component are free to do so.The Board’s Rule 3(A)(2) lists 16 subjects tested on the essay portion, but several cover more than one topic (Criminal law and procedure, for example).As every WMU-Cooley student knows, Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure are separate courses.Michigan’s Bar Exam The Michigan Bar Examination (Mi BE) presently consists of the daylong multiple-choice Multistate Bar Exam (MBE) worth a maximum of 200 points and a day of 15 20-minute essay questions worth up to 10 points each.Michigan’s essay questions are drafted and graded by members of the Board of Law Examiners or by attorneys or out-of-state law professors selected by the Board.


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