Methods Of Problem Solving

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Work the strategy, which you chose in step 3 and determine whether your team found the cause. Measure the process outputs, and if the problem has gone, you are done!

If your best strategy doesn’t work, go back to your list of possible strategies in Step Two and choose another.

If you define the problem as poor performance by the team member you will develop different solutions than if you define the problem as poor expectation setting with the client.

Once you have defined the problem, you are ready to dig deeper and start to determine what is causing it.

Once the hard work of defining the problem and determining its causes has been completed, it's time to get creative and develop possible solutions to the problem.

Two great you can use to decide which one is the best solution to your problem is a simple trade-off analysis.

A strategy is a way or method or process for understanding the root causes.

Examine your list of possible strategies from section 2, and choose the one that seems to fit best for the problem at hand.

An alternative to PDCA, the 5 step approach is a simpler alternative, which may help a team quickly understand and try new ideas to resolve the problem at hand.

One way of solving problems is this five step method: The first stage of the 5 step problem solving model – Define exactly what the problem is.


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