Methods For Problem Solving

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Although this approach sounds random, problem solving through trial and error is efficient only when you can base your attempts on some prior knowledge and information.

For example, a programmer using a new language knows that quotes should surround pieces of text but is unsure whether that language uses single quotes or double quotes.

Or an industrial engineer might have an easier time getting a job as an urban planner because they used problem solving skills at their previous job.

Problem solving methods are the steps we use to find solutions to problems and issues.

The first thing you do is ask yourself what step will take you from where you are to as close as possible to the final goal.

You take that step and repeat the process until you finally reach the goal.If you want to work as a doctor, the most significant difference between where you are and where you want to be is having a job as a doctor - that's what would have to be different in your life to make that happen.Gradually, you'll come to the conclusion that you don't yet have the knowledge or the degree necessary, but the biggest difference in your actual life is the job. Here are the steps you would go through to complete a means-ends analysis: And on and on the process continues.Humans are naturally quite good at problem solving, and we often use sophisticated methods that we don't even know we're using to try to get to the answer.Learning about the methods will enable you to recognize the approaches you already use and identify other approaches that could be useful for you.But difference reduction doesn't provide an answer for what to do if removing the biggest difference isn't currently possible.Means-ends analysis provides a way to solve sub-problems as and when they come up.Once the problem has been defined and the relevant data collected, the analysis and solution decision making can be carried out by a number of different ways and employ different methods.Some of the most popular in lean and operational environments include: Brain storming Gap Analysis Employee surveys FMEA Analysis Plan Do Check Act Cycle Potential problem analysis to identify other problems or risk Fishbone diagram 5 whys Root cause analysis Pareto principle and Pareto charts Process flow charts Problem Trees None of the above concepts and methods is recommended for any particular problem; they all have certain benefits and may suit different situations.Working backwards involves examining the result you want and figuring out the steps that would lead to that result.In a lot of real-life situations, working backwards just doesn't make sense.


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