Merrill Lynch Business Plan

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There are literally hundreds of financial managers serving the Portland metropolitan area.

There are literally hundreds of financial managers serving the Portland metropolitan area.The secret is specializing (concentrating on a specific area in the market, helping you to be differentiated from all the other service providers) and networking (building your business through personal/professional contacts).

Next the wealth manager must match the right solutions to the client’s needs and desires and ensure he or she receives an exceptional service experience.

After that, product and service sales opportunities will naturally follow.

Grizzly Bear Financial Managers will be marketing their services to two different groups of people, those in need of investing advice, and those that are in need of estate planning help.

These two groups will be targeted through networking activities and public seminars.

Meghan will also be targeting these groups through the production of public seminars on estate planning and investing.

These seminars typically take place in a public area such as a library hall. The seminar is not meant to substitute Meghan's services, they are meant to whet people's appetites for more information.Merrill Lynch Wealth Management is part of Bank of America Corporation.The Practice Management Development (PMD) Associate role is a 43-month development program for professionals who wish to build a wealth management business and become a full-fledged Merrill Lynch Financial Advisor (FA).The real reason for the seminars is to get a diverse crowd of people interested in Meghan and the services she offers, creating new business.The financial management is a populated space, just like real estate.Although the financial market is pretty full, there is room for new providers that specialize and offer unsurpassed customer attention.Competition comes from many different sources: The buying patterns of consumers are more often than not based on networking or who the person knows.Grizzly's competitive advantage of thoroughness of services offered as well as in-depth research will turn prospective clients into long-term customers.Grizzly Bear Financial Managers will target two different groups of customers.Client opinion is formed through a combination of personal experience, word of mouth and marketing.To compete effectively, the wealth management advisor must have a brand like Merrill Lynch that is firmly associated with the qualities demanded of a wealth management institution.


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