Medical School Supplemental Application Essays

Medical School Supplemental Application Essays-48
These essays give you a chance to explain why you think you are a good fit for that particular school.You should complete each of your supplemental applications within two weeks of being prompted to do so.It takes time to complete your supplemental application essays thoughtfully and carefully.) Note: If your common application includes a "Program Materials" section that includes each school's supplemental essays, list just one school at first.

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Take personal responsibility; do not complain about other people's actions.

Although you have probably listed all/most of your current activities on your common application, this prompt on a supplemental application is asking you to provide a summary of all of your current activities in one paragraph or so.

The wording is usually a little different, so you must be vigilant in making sure that you are responding to each specific prompt.

Be incredibly careful when re-using essays to make sure you do not include the name of the wrong school!

Instead, take a fresh approach to providing the information they are asking for in this section.

They probably put high value on that information and want it provided here in an easy-to-reference way.

Research each school thoroughly by reading all of the information on their website and in your profession's reference guide.

If you can also talk with admissions directors in advance by participating in a virtual fair, CU's annual Health Professions Expo, or by physically visiting the school, all the better -- take notes so that you can refer back to them when you are completing your supplemental applications.

say that you are applying to osteopathic programs this year because you applied to M. If you are slow to return their secondary, that school will probably assume—correctly or incorrectly—that they are not high on your priority list, which can hurt your chance of getting an interview.) Many professional schools automatically send all applicants a secondary application.

Many others, however, conduct an initial screening of common applications before sending out secondary applications (think of this as a courtesy; they aren’t asking everyone to spend extra time and money on a secondary application).


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