Mba Investment Banking Essay

Sentences with the passive voice typically include verb phrases such as “was” or “has been” (e.g., “it was determined,” “the project has been completed”).

I designed my own parts, contracted out the manufacturing, and sold the kits online. In college, I declared my major as Mechanical Engineering and signed up for Calculus III. I landed a 3-semester internship at [Tech Company], but due to a last minute layoff, I was unable to return for my third & final semester. As an individual with great passion for learning, I perennially seek to expand the boundaries of learning not only for myself but also for others.

Expecting to work and not having registered for classes, I scrambled to find a new company for my 3rd semester, got an interview against all odds, and failed to get the job. The pursuit of knowledge was so revered within my household that my family named me [XYZ], which means Mother of Knowledge in my native language.

In that regard, there are some fairly grabby leads.

Consider how this young American woman begins with her family’s financial difficulties while she was in college so the admissions committee might gain a greater appreciation for the path she followed into investment banking and financial technology: During my first year at the [United States College], my parents declared bankruptcy.


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