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One of the good advantages of writing a dissertation is the flexibility that you have in thinking of a good topic to write about.The following outlines some approaches that you may wish to take when writing the essay, as well as providing a list of possible topics that you could use.Broderick PDF The Influence of Risk Taking on Student Creation of Mathematical Meaning: Contextual Risk Theory, Erin Nicole Houghtaling PDF Uncovering Transformative Experiences: A Case Study of the Transformations Made by one Teacher in a Mathematics Professional Development Program, Rachelle Myler Orsak PDF Student Teacher Knowledge and Its Impact on Task Design, Tenille Cannon PDF How Eighth-Grade Students Estimate with Fractions, Audrey Linford Hanks PDF Similar but Different: The Complexities of Students' Mathematical Identities, Diane Skillicorn Hill PDF Choose Your Words: Refining What Counts as Mathematical Discourse in Students' Negotiation of Meaning for Rate of Change of Volume, Christine Johnson PDF Mathematics Student Teaching in Japan: A Multi-Case Study, Allison Turley Shwalb PDF Applying Toulmin's Argumentation Framework to Explanations in a Reform Oriented Mathematics Class, Jennifer Alder Brinkerhoff PDF What Are Some of the Common Traits in the Thought Processes of Undergraduate Students Capable of Creating Proof?

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Steele PDF Types of Questions that Comprise a Teacher's Questioning Discourse in a Conceptually-Oriented Classroom, Keilani Stolk PDF Student Teachers' Interactive Decisions with Respect to Student Mathematics Thinking, Jonathan J.

Each topic will be accompanied by a short abstract outlining the project with details on necessary pre-requisite knowledge and the maximum number of students who will be able to take each topic.

You will be asked to complete an online form, ranking 6 of the topics.

The guidance below is relevant for those taking a dissertation.

When writing a math dissertation, there are various approaches that you may wish to use.


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