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This section is concerned with presenting the analysis of the results of data analysis.

There is a great deal of disciplinary variation in the presentation of findings.

How will you decide which aspects of your findings are the most interesting and important?

It is useful to remind yourself what the task of writing up research is all about: …the major task of writing [about our research] involves working out how to make contextually grounded theoretical points that are viewed as a contribution by the relevant professional community of readers. 20) These points must fit into a framework that makes a coherent story of your findings. Is there anything there you want to develop further?

For example, a thesis in oral history and one in marketing may both use interview data that has been collected and analysed in similar ways, but the way the results of this analysis are presented will be very different because the questions they are trying to answer are different.

The presentation of results from experimental studies will be different again.So it is worth finding out what conclusions your brain has reached while you were collecting and analysing your data. This is why reporting data analysis is not enough; you need to:in order to make clear your contribution to knowledge in the field.Evans and Gruba suggest you try these techniques: 1. Now check the headings against your research question(s). Use these groups and headings to make a plan of the points you want to make in your discussion. This page and the next, on reporting and discussing your findings, deal with the core of the thesis.The form of your chapters should be consistent with this story and its components.Contents: For many kinds of research, the main work of interpretation cannot be done until most of the data has been collected and analysed.Thanks Here are several resources from different unis that you can use as a guidance. Here are several resources from different unis that you can use as a guidance.The effects of the major operating variables on the performance of the pilot filters are explained, and various implications for design are discussed. Literature Ph D thesis: The principal goal of the vernacular adaptor of a Latin saint's life was to edify and instruct his audience.In this chapter I shall try to show to what extent our texts conform to vernacular conventions of a well-told story of a saint, and in what ways they had to modify their originals to do so, attempting also to identify some of the individual characteristics of the three poems.In all cases, though, the presentation should have a logical organisation that reflects: You are not simply describing the data.You need to make connections, and make apparent your reasons for saying that data should be interpreted in one way rather than another.


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