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He told me that everything’s pretty much made from scratch—except the cheesecake, which actually is from a cheesecake factory, in Calabasas, California. In medicine, too, we are trying to deliver a range of services to millions of people at a reasonable cost and with a consistent level of quality.Unlike the Cheesecake Factory, we haven’t figured out how.

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It’s easy to mock places like the Cheesecake Factory—restaurants that have brought chain production to complicated sit-down meals.

But the “casual dining sector,” as it is known, plays a central role in the ecosystem of eating, providing three-course, fork-and-knife restaurant meals that most people across the country couldn’t previously find or afford.

was Saturday night, and I was at the local Cheesecake Factory with my two teen-age daughters and three of their friends.

You may know the chain: a hundred and sixty restaurants with a catalogue-like menu that, when I did a count, listed three hundred and eight dinner items (including the forty-nine on the “Skinnylicious” menu), plus a hundred and twenty-four choices of beverage.

We may disagree about whether life begins at conception, but it is now irrefutable that life is viable at 27 weeks.

To deny this plainly observable fact is akin to denying the existence of evolution or global warming.

Yet, we know that by 28 weeks, the great majority of fetuses would survive birth.

In other words, we allow the killing of viable infants in our country.

A Swedish study in 2009 found that preterm babies born late in the second trimester who are given intensive care survive at surprising rates: 53% of those born at 23 weeks live, 67% at 24 weeks, and by 25 weeks, 82% of the babies survive.

(Sweden's health care system makes it possible to reliably track survival rates, but the type of care provided there is similar to that available in the United States).


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