Marriage For Better Or Worse Essay

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Couples can be adulterous (“open”) yet remain married.They can be celibate, too; consummation is not required.The notion of life-long love is charming, if ambitious, and certainly love is a desirable element of marriage.

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What’s a little extracurricular love provided that each partner is fulfilling his or her many other marital duties?

In the West, of course, love is a defining element.

At one point, marriage in secular society was largely a matter of business: cementing family ties, providing social status for men and economic support for women, conferring dowries, and so on.

Marriages were typically arranged, and “love” in the modern sense was no pre-requisite.

First, marriage depends on the consent of the parties. Call it a Hayekian argument, after the great libertarian economist F. Hayek, who developed this line of thinking in his book The Fatal Conceit.

In a market system, the prices generated by impersonal forces may not make sense from any one person’s point of view, but they encode far more information than even the cleverest person could even gather.With timing worthy of Neville Chamberlain, homosexuals have chosen this moment to press for the right to marry.What’s more, Hawaii’s courts are moving toward letting them do so.All in all, it is an impressive and also rather astonishing victory for modern individualism that so important an institution should be so bereft of formal social instruction as to what should go on inside of it. Within those rules a marriage is whatever anyone says it is.Secular society tells us only a few things about marriage. Perhaps it is enough simply to say that marriage is as it is and should not be tampered with. IN fact, however, of all the arguments against reforming marriage, it is probably the most powerful.I’ll believe in gay marriage in America when I see it, but if Hawaii legalizes it, even temporarily, the uproar over this final insult to a besieged institution will be deafening.Whether gay marriage makes sense—and whether straight marriage makes sense—depends on what marriage is actually for.In Japan, remnants of this system remain, and it works surprisingly well.Couples stay together because they view their marriage as a partnership: an investment in social stability for themselves and their children.In a similar fashion, human societies evolve rich and complicated webs of nonlegal rules in the form of customs, traditions and institutions.Like prices, they may seem irrational or arbitrary.


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