Marijuana Essays On Why It Should Be Legal

Marijuana Essays On Why It Should Be Legal-76
Also, the marijuana’s effect on the brain allows for release in muscle tension and chronic pain.

Also, the marijuana’s effect on the brain allows for release in muscle tension and chronic pain.Even though over-consumption can lead to some problems, there is not a single account of death from marijuana overdose.In the same year, 25,692 people died of alcohol related causes.

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In Holland, dealers who operate illegally are criminally charged, while all drug use is allowed to people over the age of 18.

Here, drug use is controlled with the set daily limit of 5 grams.

Aside from helping us save money, some say that legalization of marijuana can actually make an upwards of $7 billions!

The legalization is not only predicted to do this, but will actually create a taxable industry and create thousands new legit job positions.

Actually, the health benefits are one of the 3 reasons why marijuanas should be legal, according to the proponents of the idea.

The Dutch minister of health says that ‘ People have died from tobacco and alcohol, from heroin, from cocaine. Additionally, there are certain health benefits that come from using cannabis, which is why there is such thing as medical marijuanas.At this point, there are over 1,200 licensed shops that sell cannabis every day.A completely different type of legalization is the one done in Holland.Netherlands is the source of the biggest taboos on a worldwide level, starting from prostitution and euthanasia to same-sex marriages.The Netherlands did not only make prostitution one of the most profitable, legitimate industries in the country, but also allowed the sale of cannabis in 1976.Marijuana used for medicinal purposes is known to reduce glaucoma and help people go through chemo.According to an article by Discovery Health, marijuana is also known to relieve nausea and have a certain effect on the brain.Many legal things are a much more common cause of death than marijuana.It is actually estimated that 38,329 people died from drug overdose in 2010, out of which 60% were related to prescribed drugs.The awareness is growing within the minute but the legalizations still move slowly, with only four states and the District of Columbia legalizing marijuana in the United States.In order to properly argument the topic, I would first like to point out to the various systems of marijuana legalization.


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