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In the Los Angeles Times, Justin Chang calls Journey “a melancholy, noirish dream of a movie played in the key of early Wong Kar-wai, built on the embers of a long-dissolved romance.” And it’s “the most magical piece of cinema I’ve seen in Cannes in many a year.”The intricate story boils down to the return of Luo Hongwu (Huang Jue) to his hometown—Kaili, in southwestern China’s Guizhou province, where Kaili Blues, Bi’s 2015 feature debut, is set—to find the woman he’s loved and never forgotten (Tang Wei).But as Lawrence Garcia emphasizes in the Notebook, plot takes a backseat to the sensorial experience.Update, 5/27: Writing for Sight & Sound, James Lattimer finds that Journey has left “most of the rest of the festival in the dust in terms of its ambition, vision and sheer strangeness,” while at the Film Stage, Giovanni Marchini Camia suggests that although Journey “is a far more polished work than Kaili Blues, it also feels a lot more calculated, often sacrificing emotional impact for ostentation.” More from Maggie Lee in Variety.

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The dynamism of psychological defense has never been intensively used in the analysis of a literary work.

Psychological defenses are intrinsic aspects of all ongoing interpersonal interaction.

Before this year’s Cannes Film Festival began, we took a look ahead to seven of the most anticipated films premiering in the Un Certain Regard program.

Topping that list was Bi Gan’s Long Day’s Journey Into Night, and an early round of raves suggest that the film has surpassed everyone’s high expectations.

Generally, the other's anxiety produces some uneasiness in us and we respond by giving reassurance, producing some diversion or else becoming mildly irritated.

Usually, the experience is a fleeting one and we only become anxious or even angry when the other person's defensiveness persists or intensifies or else—a phenomenon that has special pertinence to the analysis of defenses in literature—when the other person manifests defenses that are very similar to the ones we ourselves characteristically use.

—with a deeply poetic style that recalls both Wong Kar-wai and Andrei Tarkovsky, tracking the main character’s gradual descent into melancholic bliss.”For Jordan Ruimy at the Playlist, in an age when “digital fakery can masquerade for the real thing, Bi Gan brings back the possibilities, no, the magic, of cinema.” More from Mónica Delgado (desistfilm), Eric Kohn (Indie Wire, A), Fabien Lemerier (Cineuropa), and Lee Marshall (Screen).

Journey is one of the films that Nicolas Rapold, Amy Taubin, Jonathan Romney, and Eric Hynes discuss on a recent episode of the Film Comment Podcast (49’22”).

Any relaxation of defenses in others, then, provides us with a certain amount of relief of tension.

Although the readers' or audiences' reactions to the manifestations of defenses by characters in a literary work is admittedly quite complex, e.g.


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