Loch Ness Monster Persuasive Essay

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Selection of resources for a speaking and listening task to persuade for or against to existence of the Loch Ness monster.

Includes articles for and against which can be used as evidence in students' speeches and some time to collect ideas and embed AFORESTY features throughout.

Let’s be serious, they can’t all be hiding all at once, can they?

Also, the lake also does not hold enough fish to sustain a population of Nessies — they would starve.

Loch Ness Lake is nearly 23 miles long and, in some places, its depth exceeds 750 feet.

Who knows what exactly is beneath the surface of such a massive body of water...

Many people will argue that there is no way Nessie could exist because we would have found her by now.

However, that is not necessarily true — humans have discovered less than 15 percent of the creatures that live on the planet, with most of the mystery lying in the lakes and oceans.

Even more, besides hoaxes, no one has ever produced a real photograph of Nessie.

Cryptozoologists have a theory that Nessie is actually a surviving plesiosaur — a marine reptile that swam in the water and is believed to have gone extinct 65 million years ago.


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