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Furthermore, in Super 8 he balanced adventure and fun with some very quiet, very poignant scenes.As the world around them swirls in a mess and the film reaches its end, characters share these quiet beautiful moments.Caricatures all, these miserable men and women experience predictably scheduled blow-ups, breakdowns, and moments of healing, their farcical journey full of rusty contrivances made bearable (and intermittently amusing) chiefly thanks to sharp comedic performances by Arkin (full of piss and vinegar in a manipulatively discarded role) and Carell (turning moroseness into a weapon of deadpan humor).

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After a serene prologue set in a packed theater where the adult David Copperfield (Dev Patel), standing at a lectern as if he were Spalding Gray in the 19th century, speaks the famous opening lines of Charles Dickens’s beloved novel, “Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life…,” this adaptation stomps on the accelerator and barely lets up.

David’s existence is told episodically—appropriate given the source material—and at a whimsically breakneck pace that can be off-putting.

A little more than a week ago it was officially announced that JJ Abrams would be directing the new Star Wars. He kept strongly to the themes and style of the original TV show (so I’m told). Sure, it felt different thematically from the TV series, but it kept the characters’ personalities and dynamics.

Some people met this news with a measure of caution. Not only was it considered the best Mission: Impossible film until Ghost Protocol came along, but it elevated the series from being simple action movies to intelligent, developed thrillers. It’s not just the old names applied to new people: they’re the same!

A child beauty pageant is the ultimate in stupid meaningless competition.”And so armed with all that, Arndt went off and wrote one of the best character-based comedies in the last decade.

In my view, while Olive is the story’s central character in driving the plot — it’s her goal of appearing in the Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant that creates the spine of the plot — the Chief Protagonist is Richard (her father) with Secondary Protagonists Frank and Dwayne, each of whom is dealing with this issue: Winner, Loser.In the midst of action and visuals, Abrams still captures the emotion. And through it all, Abrams has this feeling of mythology.He helped lay the groundwork for Lost, he gave us the enigmatic Rabbit’s Foot in Mission: Impossible III and the alien in Super 8.Richard: A motivational speaker who is failing in life.Frank: One of the world’s experts on Marcel Proust who has lost his lover, his teaching job, and almost his life through a failed suicide attempt. Abrams made his directorial debut with the sequel to this established series.JJ Abrams entered into a franchise, captured the themes, and made it better. More than that, he crafted a well made adventure that, like Mission: Impossible III, took an established franchise, made it his own, and made it good.It’s not just some intellectual exercise for him, but something personal, human, affective.That comes through with every character, every subplot, every scene.We didn’t get a half-baked sorta-Trek, we got a movie that took the idea of a cool and wonderful future and made it work. You might be sensing a bit of a trend here: Abrams captured the spirit of movies from that decade but also infused it with a feeling of something new.It was a sheer wide-eyed adventure of a farmboy saving the world, like the original Star Wars. If you wanted an 80’s adventure film in the spirit of E. He wasn’t just rehashing old stories, he told a new one.


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