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In this paper, the importance of Operations research is discussed and the literature of assignment and transportation problem is discussed in detail.

Ensuring energy security, stopping climate change, and improving urban air quality are the three main challenges of this century that are being addressed by governments globally.

As previously mentioned, the transportation sector is a complex system and achieving sustainability is a complex problem, both of which have multiple relationships between their elements, and the decisions taken to solve a problem in one part of the system may generate difficulties elsewhere.

Therefore, it is necessary to determine the possible consequences of the solutions in both the transportation system and in the sustainable performance indicators.

To understand these problems, it is necessary to consider that transportation systems are multidimensional and that their issues are related to their inner structure.

This multidimensionality is related with the different stakeholders and their interests and objectives in the transportation system and the various sectors involved.Section 3 describes the results of the systematic review.These results are presented in five subsections, each of which, respectively, describes the bibliometric results, discusses the demand side of the system, presents the results associated with the fuel and vehicles supply system, describes how sustainability has been modelled, and presents how the elements of the system have been integrated.The holistic and systematic integration of the dimensions of sustainability along with their relationships and feedback would facilitate a better understanding of the transportation sector and promote the development of better policies for improving the diffusion of passenger electric vehicles.Ensuring energy security, stopping climate change, improving urban air quality, and alleviating human health issues related to air quality are the main challenges that governments should address in this century.Various methodologies have been developed to evaluate the dimensions of sustainability.The objective of the sustainability assessment is to understand the impacts of a product, company, sector, or system in terms of three aspects: economic, environmental, and social [20,21,22].This systematic literature review analyses the existing models and frameworks that integrate the vehicle and energy supply, consumer and market behaviour, and the dimensions of sustainability for improving the diffusion of passenger EVs.The analysis is performed from the point of view of modelling, the variables considered, and the relationships between the actors of the system, and its objective is to understand the level of integration that the existing models and frameworks comprised and to determine the relationships and feedbacks that have not been previously studied. Section 2 presents the methodology used for this systematic literature review.The transportation sector contributes greatly to these problems [1,2,3,4].According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [5], the transportation sector contributes to 14% of global greenhouse gas emissions.


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