Literature Review On Solar Energy

Literature Review On Solar Energy-35
“Irradiance Forecasting for the Power Prediction of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems.” [WWW Document]. “Lessons for effective renewable electricity policy from Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.” [WWW Document]. The underlying point of this review is to gather and understand all the policies, initiatives, and programs that the German government has employed in order to push solar energy. Müller: A fundamental reform of the EEG is a core responsibility for the new German Federal government for 2014 [WWW Document.

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Comparing the feed-in tariff incentives for renewable electricity in Ontario and Germany [WWW Document].

The expansion of electricity generation from renewable energies in Germany: A review based on the Renewable Energy Sources Act Progress Report 2007 and the new German feed-in legislation [WWW Document].

"Towards an Effective European Industrial Policy for PV Solar Electricity." [WWW Document] URL

Anglo-Saxon and German approaches to neoliberalism and environmental policy: The case of financing renewable energy [WWW Document].

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I am currently in the beginning phase of performing an extensive literature review on all materials concerning German Renewable energy policy, especially in regards to solar power.

“The importance of comprehensiveness in renewable electricity and energy-efficiency policy.” [WWW Document]. Peters, M., Schmidt, T., Widerkehr, D., Schneider, M., 2011. Stability, participation and transparency in renewable energy policy: Lessons from Denmark and the United States [WWW Document].

Comparison of feed-in tariff, quota and auction mechanisms to support wind power development [WWW Document].

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