Literature Review Of Ratio Analysis

It provides diversified services and strives to expand into international market to become first class bank.

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Recent research and practice indicate that such information can be interesting for the decision-making process.

Questions about how and to what extent research on data mining in the financial sector has developed and which tools are used for these purposes remains largely unexplored.

This study aims to answer three research questions: (i) What is the intellectual core of the field?

(ii) Which techniques are used in the financial sector for textual mining, especially in the era of the Internet, big data, and social media?

It is the study of identifying and choosing alternatives based on the values and preferences of the decision maker.

Decision making is also the process of sufficiently reducing uncertainty and doubt about alternatives to allow a reasonable choice to be made from among them. The essence of the financial soundness of a company lies in balancing its goals, commercial strategy, product-market choices and resultant financial needs.

This kind of a comparison indicates the relative financial position and performance of the firm.

A firm can hardly resort to such a comparison, as it is difficult to get the published financial statements of the similar firm.

2 3 Standards of Comparison The ratio analysis involves comparison for useful interpretation of financial statements. Future ratios can be developed from the pro forma financial statements.

A single ratio in itself does not indicate favorable or unfavorable condition. The comparison of current ratios and the future ratios shows the firm's relative strengths and weaknesses in the past ant the future ratios indicate weak financial position, corrective actions should be initiated. M Pandey, 1995: 105) To determine the financial condition and performance of a firm, its ratios may be compared with average ratios of industry of which a firm is a member.


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