Literature Review Assignment Psychology

Literature Review Assignment Psychology-54
For example, “self-esteem” might be too broad for a 10- page paper, but it may be difficult to find enough articles on “the effects of private school education on female African American children’s self-esteem.” A paper in which you focus on the more general topic of “the effects of school transitions on adolescents’ self-esteem,” however, might work well for the assignment.You may have the opportunity to design and conduct your own research study or write about the design for one in the form of a research proposal.Your instructor may give you a list of articles to choose from, or you may need to find your own.

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Check with your instructor to determine which articles are appropriate.

This assignment involves using published research to provide an overview of and argument about a topic.

You can access Psyc INFO from the E-research tab on the Library’s webpage.

Here are the most common types of articles you will find: You may also find methodological articles, case studies, brief reports, and commentary on previously published material.

What is still unknown about your topic; how does this lead to your proposed study?

For four of the research articles you are using in your literature review, you will complete a summary that requires you to summarize in your own words the most important parts of the articles.

Psychology, one of the behavioral sciences, is the scientific study of observable behaviors, like sleeping, and abstract mental processes, such as dreaming.

Psychologists study, explain, and predict behaviors. Because of the complexity of human behaviors, researchers use a variety of methods and approaches.

Reaction papers typically include a brief summary of the article, including prior research, hypotheses, research method, main results, and conclusions. You might critique the study, identify unresolved issues, suggest future research, or reflect on the study’s implications.

Some instructors may want you to connect the material you are learning in class with the article’s theories, methodology, and findings.


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