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According to Willingham (2010), “kinesthetic learners like to manipulate objects physically” which calls for actual involvement in the activity.Through this definition, we can assume that a kinesthetic learners use all their senses to comprehend information.In my study habits, my learning style is also reflected. Information being portrayed in symbols, colors, and other means like pie charts and fish diagrams can be......Learning Style Inventory According to the learning styles circumplex, my primary personal thinking styles are self-actualization and competitiveness.

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Even with the new concepts of learning, most educational systems still have high regard towards written activities which would only cater to visual and linguistic learners. My Adult Learning Style BY YOU YOUR ACADEMIC ORGANIZATION HERE HERE HERE My Adult Learning Style Learning Style Professionalsin the field of education tend to agree that students are unable to apply “critical thinking skills to new material unless they first understand that material” (Chabris, 2009, p. Comprehension is a critical part of the student’s ability to understand information, thus it is important to recognize what specific learning style is most appropriate to build better understanding of learning materials.

I find actual engagement on the activities very interesting and comprehensive that I easily grasp the concepts which our teacher wants us to learn.

In lecture discussions, real life situations would really provoke my thinking and awaken my interest rather than the usual chalk-talk traditional teachers make.

I wanted to take the first step in the challenge of changing from a surface learner (not questioning) to a deep learner, and find out more about what learning styles and strategies were, before determining those that applied to me and the strategies I could develop to strengthen them. The learning style that I follow is observational style of learning; this means that I learn by observing the behavior and activities of others.

This kind of style of learning was figured out by Bandura through his study of bobo doll in which children learned a behavior by observing adults conducting that particular behavior (Weiten 390).


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