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The personal reflections of leadership and management within non-for-profit sector in U. In fact, consistency forms a basic trait in leadership standards, forms a major theme in transformational leadership and transcends all levels and forms of leadership.

In this regard, most organizations are capitalistic in their operation and always want more.

They want more profit, more shareholder value, and more market share, among others.

This is core reason behind challenges in assessing organizational strengths and weaknesses.

One specific area of research that has attracted interest from researchers is the impact of postmodernism philosophy on current theoretical and empirical research on management and leadership in human services.

Consistency and value for others and their contributions are core determinant of change and eventual sustainability because the two are interlinked and congregate for improvement on organizational bottom-line.

One successful factor within this area of leadership and management involves developing team work and a sense of collective responsibility.This is more poignant in the case of non-for-profit organizational where the debate on sources of funds to finance human services still rages.Despite the fact that leadership and management are not same thing, one clear fact is that they must go hand-in-hand.“A whole cocktail of factors has been presented as forming the basis for the adoption of organizational behaviours strategies including costs reductions in transactions and strategic human services management (Harris and Hartman, 2001).All these aspects of human services demand the delivery of leadership and management that foster positive transition along the increasing demands of organizational management approaches.According to Andersen and Taylor (2005) “postmodern critique of contemporary critical social theory under theorizes the current historical conjuncture, overstates its discontinuities with the recent past, and foregoes responsibility for explaining why their views ought to be privileged or even entertained as serious cultural criticism.” This example represents the current critique of postmodernism philosophy.However, its aspects have raised critical questions about classical traditions of approaches to leadership and management.However, this are analyzed from narrative and postmodernism theory to achieve a deeper dissection of how to articulate strategy into mainstream management roles and sustain the outcomes of the strategy.In the analysis of leadership and management approach within the non-for-profit sector, success in management and leadership revolves around complex approaches to the management of human services.One critical aspect of the reflection is process is the role of organizational learning.Harris and Hartman (2001) defines organizational learning as “the ability of the institution as a whole to discover errors and correct them, and to Change the organization’s knowledge base and values so as to generate new problem solving skills and new capacity for action.” In the recent past, learning has emerged to be a fundamental factor in every successful organization and include three common levels.


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