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Demographic research on Amazon Mechanical Turk reveals that the majority of North American Mechanical Turk workers are women.

Catherine Mc Kercher's research on journalism as a profession has showcased that while media organizations are still male-dominated, the reverse is true for freelance journalists and editors, whose ranks are mainly women.

While the term independent contractor would be used in a higher register of English to designate the tax and employment classes of this type of worker, the term "freelancing" is most common in culture and creative industries, and use of this term may indicate participation therein.

Fields, professions, and industries where freelancing is predominant include: music, writing, acting, computer programming, web design, graphic design, translating and illustrating, film and video production and other forms of piece work which some cultural theorists consider as central to the cognitive-cultural economy.

freelancer, and freelance worker, are terms commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term.

Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a temporary agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.In some industries such as consulting, freelancers may require clients to sign written contracts.While in journalism or writing, freelancers may work for free or do work "on spec" to build their reputations or a relationship with a publication.Freelancers may charge by the day, hour, a piece rate, or on a per-project basis.Instead of a flat rate or fee, some freelancers have adopted a value-based pricing method based on the perceived value of the results to the client.Female survey respondents indicated that they prefer the scheduling freedom and flexibility that freelancing offers, while male survey respondents indicated they freelance to follow or pursue personal passions.The ability to pick and choose who the freelancer works with is another benefit.81 million) of the United States population was a part of the contingent workforce, a category of casual labor that includes freelancing.In 2013, the Freelancers Union estimated that 1 in 3 workers in the United States was self-employed (approximately 42 million), with more than four million (43%) of those self-employed workers as members of the creative class, a stratum of work specifically associated with freelance industries, such as knowledge workers, technologists, professional writers, artists, entertainers, and media workers.You'll be the one raising the mast and you'll be the one setting the direction! Beat the clock with an extra hand from our expert freelancers today!You can be a writer writing brilliant scripts, a coder developing intelligent tools or even a teacher sharing your knowledge with those who need it. You can do things your own way, no boss to answer to and certainly no company politics to struggle with. So, join as a Flit Lance today to find freelance work online or join as a client today to assign freelance work projects online.


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