Knowledge Management Dissertation Survey

The results indicate that there is a significant influence of the infrastructure capabilities (Collaboration, Trust, Learning Culture, Decentralization, Top Management, Promotion, IT support) on the process capabilities, also the impacts of knowledge management process capabilities on creative organizational learning and the impacts of creative organizational learning on organizational performance was confirmed. (2001) Top management teams, global strategic posture, and the moderating role of uncertainty, Academy of Management Journal, v. Enablers and constraints of knowledge management in human enterprise, in Knowledge Management Lessons Learned: What Works and What Doesn't, Information Today, M.

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Random sampling method applied in this study and 248Top Managers were considered as the statistical sample based on "Morgan Table".

One standard 5-point Likert questionnaire adopted and distributed between Top managers in the park. (2008) Knowledge-based capabilities and their impact on performance: a best practice management evaluation, Business Strategy Series, v.

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Any effective and sustainable changes in an organization refers to three areas related with each other and play the best way in the humans, structure and technology fields.

The Knowledge management by emphasizing the three areas with the axis of man and preparing him as a knowledge worker tries to achieve organizational goals.

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