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However from his youth he proved to be brave and intelligent, a man who valued wisdom and knowledge and saw himself as part of a wider Christian community.He was inspired by his early trips to Rome and developed a view of kingship based on firm moral and religious grounds.

However from his youth he proved to be brave and intelligent, a man who valued wisdom and knowledge and saw himself as part of a wider Christian community.He was inspired by his early trips to Rome and developed a view of kingship based on firm moral and religious grounds.Alfred Lord Tennyson (1809-1892) was a British poet who served as Poet Laureate of the Great Britain during much of Queen Victoria’s reign.

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Æthelred and his brother, the future Alfred the Great, led a West Saxon army to Nottingham, but there was no decisive battle, and Burgred bought off the Vikings. In about 867, Æthelred effectively established a common currency between Wessex and Mercia by adopting the Mercian type of lunette penny, and coins minted exclusively at London and Canterbury then circulated in the two kingdoms.Although they won some victories they were at times driven back into the heart of their land and forced to rely on guerrilla tactics.A fierce and brave warrior, Alfred is described as charging at his enemies like a wild boar.As the last independent Anglo-Saxon kingdom, Wessex was under constant attack.Alfred and his brother King Aethelred were engaged in almost continuous warfare.Fierce Viking attacks threatened to destroy the Anglo-Saxon world into which Alfred had been born.By 870 the ancient kingdoms of Northumbria, East Anglia and Mercia had fallen to the Vikings, their kings replaced by puppet leaders who were loyal to their Viking overlords.In 871 Aethelred died from his injuries and Alfred became king.Alfred’s personal qualities enabled him to rally his people and inspired them to continue their struggles even when the odds seemed overwhelming.He was succeeded by his younger brother, Alfred the Great due to Æthelred's sons being too young. A charter of 868 refers to Wulfthryth regina (queen).It was rare in ninth century Wessex for the king's wife to be given the title queen, and it is only definitely known to have been given to Æthelwulf's second wife, Judith of Flanders.


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