Kids Have Too Much Homework

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Then subsequent class time can be used more efficiently to promote learning.

Practice, discussions, engaging in activities and asking questions about the concepts and material for questions, practice and discussions about the material.

Homework stops benefiting students when it’s done wrong.

For practice to be most effective it has to be on the edge of too challenging—but that can be hard to monitor when children are completing assignments alone at home.

One of the ways that educators can hit that balance is to figure out ways for students to receive immediate feedback or to design homework that isn’t practicing a skill, but frees up in-class time.

Teachers can effectively leverage homework to have students watch a video, read a chapter at home, reflect on a class or assignment, or create a second draft of an essay based on feedback received that day.At its best, homework is additional practice for students.Practice is important because it helps students make a skill automatic and encourages the brain to move knowledge from short-term working memory into long-term memory.As an educator, I’ve seen too many times where the students will repeatedly make the same mistake throughout an assignment. In fact, without getting timely feedback, it actually reinforces the wrong knowledge in their brain and leads to frustration.Another problem is that without an educator monitoring students, homework could be either too challenging or not challenging enough. When homework is too hard, students become frustrated and often give up.As a teacher, I only know what the product was, not sure if it was a result of working with tutor or parent.Students may turn in a perfect piece of work—but if they got help along the way, the struggles and mistakes that could better inform teaching gets erased and edited, and the final mistake-free product that the teacher sees cannot result in meaningful feedback.It can help reinforce critical life skills such as time management and independent problem solving.Plus, it creates opportunities for parental involvement—which has been proven to increase academic achievement.You can find much more information about your privacy choices in our privacy policy. Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.In the last couple years, there’s been a national discussion about how much homework schools should be giving to students.


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