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And Moses formulated the Ten Commandments to help restrain everyone’s upset. Or, if they did claim to be religious, they weren’t being religious, genuinely deferring to one of the great prophets religions have been founded around and, by so doing, becoming part of the prophets’ world of soundness and love.

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Jeremy has said about the image of the Madonna and child: “That this image is such a featureof Christian mythology is powerful recognition that it was the relatively alienation-freeunconditional love Christ received from his mother that enabled him to be the exceptionaldenial-free thinking prophet that he was. As the great playwright Samuel Beckett saidabout the brevity of innocence in the lives of most humans now: .

Christ could see into the human condition, and his ability to do so meant he could see where and why people were ‘lost’ or alienated.

The comedian ‘They made him do miracles…​“Loaves and fishes, loaves and fishes, just like that! Ned’s posturing drives Homer crazy with frustration because Homer intuitively knows Ned is deluding himself in thinking his Christianity gives him the moral high ground going on to explain how the legitimate transformation that is now possible is the only way to save Western civilisation.) But even Ned is intuitively aware that he is practising delusion and so has to work hard at maintaining it.

Maintaining a delusion meant constantly persuading yourself, and others, that you are right.

Freedom Essay 39 | What is explained in biologist Jeremy Griffith's book FREEDOM allows us to demystify and fully understand the prophets in the Bible, including Christ.

WTM-FE39-Christ-explained true false No Freedom Essay 39 - Christ explained the point was made that finding understanding of the human condition at last makes it possible to explain and demystify all mythology, including all the parables and stories in the Bible, as was demonstrated in that essay by explaining the Biblical story of Noah’s Ark, and will be further demonstrated in the next essay, Of course, one of the most interesting and important demystifications of the contents of the Bible would be that of the prophets whose words created that most famous and revered of all books, and indeed, what is explained in rather they were rare individuals who had the great good fortune of being sufficiently nurtured with unconditional love during their upbringing to not have to resign to living in denial of the human condition and could thus think truthfully and effectively about human behaviour.Jesus was not a bird with broken wings; He was a raging tempest who broke all crooked wings. Since Christ was an exceptionally uncorrupted expression of our cooperative and loving moral instincts, he and Christ was an exceptionally uncorrupted expression of our original instinctive self or soul’s orientation to Integrative Meaning, then Christ spoke for God; he was a prophet. that prophets were simply a sound variety of ordinary people, because that truth would directly confront their followers with the unbearable truth of their own lack of soundness.In terms of being unresigned, Christ was certainly amongst , meaning he was free of upset, as a member of the completely innocent early Childman variety of humans would be, he obviously wasn’t. Instead, at least at the surface level of their conscious awareness, religious adherents viewed their prophets as being supernatural, divine, heavenly, from-another-world beings, because that way they could avoid any comparison with themselves.Stridency and fanaticism characterised the behaviour of those maintaining a delusion, especially when, in becoming religious for instance, you were practically admitting that you were being deluded about being a sound, together, on track person yourself by having had to defer to a sound prophet.In summary, the benefit of Imposed Discipline for the resigned, competitive way of living over the born-again, pseudo idealistic way of living was that it did not undermine a person’s participation in humanity’s great battleit simply provided a means to manage the upset associated with that battle.(Again, see Yes, like adolescents who haven’t yet resigned to living in denial of the immensely corrupt state of humans, and who, as a result, live in an overwhelmed state of distressed horror about it, the great prophets of old like Abraham, Moses, Plato and Christ were very rare examples of unresigned adults living during the last so much so they realised there was an absolutely paramount need to do something about it. He never travelled two hundred miles from the place He was born. I am far within my mark when I say that all the armies that ever marched, and all the navies that ever sailed, and all the parliaments that ever sat, and all the kings that ever reigned, put together, have not affected the life of Man upon this earth as powerfully as has the One Solitary Life!So Abraham gave us monotheism, a sound appreciation of the one great truth of Integrative Meaning that upset humans should try to respect and live in accordance with. He never did one of the things that usually accompany greatness. While still a young man, the tide of public opinion turned against Him. ’ Since religions have been marvellous ways for humans to save themselves from living in a horrifically upset angry, egocentric and alienated state, the criticism that could be levelled at someone extremely upset, like Genghis Khan or Adolf Hitler, is that they didn’t take up religion.Being unresigned, the penetrating truthfulness of what Christ had to say would have astonished the resigned minds of those listening.Christ was able to venture out into what the resigned mind knew as a terrifyingly dangerous minefield and, as it were, do somersaults and run and skip around out theregrapple with the human condition with impunity. These are post-Jesus Christ Yes, under the duress of the human condition, the effectiveness of religion depended on not directly recognising the soundness of the prophet around whom your specific religion was founded, because that would make the truth of your delicate balance of delusion and honesty, for while it offered a way of only being implicitly honest about the corrupted state, its very existence depended on its adherents making at least a subconsciously relieving, honest acknowledgment of their own corrupted state, and on observers making at least, on a similarly subconscious level, a relieving, truthful recognition of that corruption; it was this honesty that made religions so special and effective.He could ‘understand’ them, not in terms of a first principle-based explanation of their condition‘…Jung’s statement that the schizophrenic ceases to be schizophrenic when he meets someone by whom he feels understood.When this happens most of the bizarrerie which is taken as the “signs” of the “disease” simply evaporates’ ’, so often used to describe these great prophets, has the same origins as the Saxon word ‘whole’, which means ‘well, entire, intact’, and is thus a recognition of the prophets’ wholeness or soundness or lack of separation or alienation from our species’ sound, innocent, all-loving and all-sensitive original natural state.’ Dictionaries similarly inform us that the word ‘healing’ is ’ often drawn around the heads of religious prophets was another indicator of their soulful purity, innocence, soundness and holiness.


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