Ispahan Carpet Analysis Essay

It may not be required that every reader be interested in every bit of writing—that would be too much to hope for in a world where sympathies are unfortunately so restricted.To peruse a directory of Bangkok, if one has no possible acquaintance in that city, might become tedious, though one might draw pleasure from the queer names and the suggestions of romance. Creek read many sections of the book in manuscript, and made valuable suggestions. Jacob Zeitlin the chapter on the "Informal Essay" was rewritten, with much improvement. But it may also appear in the opulence of evening costume, and criticize the ensemble of an orchestra, discuss the diplomacy of Europe, address us in appreciation of the Arts.

Why do students enjoy reading the writings of William James?

Simply because the author made his facts relate to himself and to everybody else.

Obviously, some expository writing would suffer from being filled with the power to rouse the reader.

Much legal writing must be addressed to the intellect alone; often the entrance of stimulation, the rousing of the emotions, will destroy the chance for justice.

Boston, Massachusetts Anglo-Saxons," Emerson said, "are the hands of the world"—they, more than any other people, turn the wheels of the world, do its work, keep things moving. "How did this originate, what caused it, where is it going, what will it do, how is it operated? Perhaps the most interesting question in the world is the never-ending "What does this mean to me, how does it affect me, how can I use it?

All these kind friends were members, at the time of giving aid, of the faculty of the University of Illinois. Pattee, of the Pennsylvania State College, the author feels an especial debt of gratitude for unfailing interest and cheer and much wise counsel. So many friends have helped at one time and another that whatever of good the book may contain is doubtless due largely to them. Due credit is made in the proper places to the several publishers who with unfailing kindness and courtesy allowed the use of material drawn from their publications.

The problem of the writer of exposition is to make as wide an appeal as he can.

Interest in reading is of two kinds: satisfaction and stimulation.

In a world which man even as yet only slightly understands, surrounded as he is by his fellows who constantly baffle his intelligence, and shut up within the riddle of himself, Exposition attempts to explain, to make clear, to tear away the clouds of mystery and ignorance. Obviously, in making the answers the writing will often be garbed in the sack suit of business, will sometimes roll up its sleeves, will pull on the overalls or tie the apron.

Without lingering to quarrel with Emerson, or to justify him, we may safely assert that Expository Writing is the hands of literature. " These are the questions—and there are more of them—which Exposition tries to answer.


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