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So they would force other students to go on a strike and paralyze teaching work. I think that even after completing my education, I shall never forget the happy days I spent in the college.

There is something divine and mysterious in the village beauty. Teachers in a school are strict and use the rod to beat the boys very frequently. Most of the teachers in a college live in the world of ideas and books. They discuss the current affairs, art, cinema and sports.Some of them would even engage the teachers in class in a political topic and discuss it fully.There is a unique closeness between the elder and younger generations.Young people treat their parents and grandparents with great respect and follow their valuable advice.The elections to the college union, for which there a lot of canvassing gave me my first experience of democracy.Sometimes Political leaders come address us important problems facing the country.Abortions have been a topic for debate for many years.Many people believe it to be murder or wrong due to their religion.In spite of everything good that the village can give us, there are a lot of important things that rural areas lack.Peasants lack the utilities and convenience a more developed area can offer, such as hospitals, stores, police stations, firefighters, public health, mass education, proper cell phone coverage, and internet access.


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