Intro To Creative Writing Syllabus

Intro To Creative Writing Syllabus-77
Over the next seven weeks, we will read extraordinary works of fiction from some of the most exciting examples of web-based American literary journals while working to become better writers.

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As a teacher, I have not studied any of the texts we are examining beforehand, so we can have an authentic readerly experience without my seeming to be the “expert” on a text.

In addition, it is important to me to allow you to choose your own texts to read because this mimics what writers who are not in a writing class actually do, and my greatest goal is to get you to keep up writing once class ends.

At the end of the semester creative work will be collected into a podcast anthology or e-book.

All course activities will be conducted in English.

REQUIRED ITEMS A note on texts: Texts chosen for this class are hybrid texts that tend to blur borders between genres and defy classifications.

This is to foster an attitude of practicing writing and not worrying too much about producing a certain kind of product from that practice.One during the seminar, each student will compose an 8-10 page story for class critique.Each piece must be “complete” in that it must have a beginning, middle, and end, and final draft quality, meaning no grammatical errors, misspellings, and so on.Here, we’ll post both our workshop contributions and our weekly written responses.In addition we’ll be using a real-time video chat feature hosted through UI called Elluminate.On our course homepage, you will find all the materials you need for class—extra readings, course documents, assignment guidelines, and so on.Course Kit will additionally act as the main site of our conversations as a group.As a community, we will learn a great deal about each other by writing across various modes of art-in-language and describing how our writing works and what it does through various methods centering on close examination of language.In addition to this, you will develop other valuable skills contemporary writers use to turn the habit of writing into a professional practice including generating new work, critical reading and written response, blogging/online presence, performing work on the page and aloud, submitting work for publication, and sharing critical responses to texts.Every student will respond to each workshop contribution via a letter of critique within a week of the story’s submission.These critiques should focus on elements of craft—style, character, voice, dialogue, and so on—and should provide insightful, detailed, and specific criticism on how to improve the piece.


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