Interracial Marriage Essay Thesis

Interracial Marriage Essay Thesis-7
The influence of the family on love and marriage matters cannot be overemphasized.

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Thus, her views against interracial unions are balanced and based on an insider’s perspective making them more credible.

Folan attributes her bigotry to social, cultural and historical reasons.

Interracial spouses also suffer hostile reactions from the public, including unkind stares, gesticulation, comments, and even violence.

Thus, the influence of the public adds more stress to interracial relationships.

Karyn, a Harvard Law School graduate and professor of law, describes her marriage experience with the two races.

She has been in two unions, the former with a black man and the latter with a white spouse, bearing a daughter in each of them.

This paper will look at interracial relationship bigotry from the perspective of a bigot and will seek to investigate the factors behind this form of prejudice.

by Karyn Langhorne Folan In her book titled ‘Don’t Bring Home a White Boy’, Karyn Langhorne Folan spells out the reasons why black women should avoid marriage and relationships with white men.

While many Americans embrace interracial unions, there are those who hold extreme views and are not open to dating a person from a race different from their own.

The society may be quick to level criticism against these people, but clearly there exists social and cultural justification for such views.


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