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Examples Believe it or not the Product Life Cycle (PLC) is based upon the biological life cycle.

For example, a seed is planted (introduction); it begins to sprout (growth); it shoots out leaves and puts down roots as it becomes an adult (maturity); after a long period as an adult the plant begins to shrink and die out any product has four stages of life cycle: introduction, growth, maturity, and decline.

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PLC is typically divided into 4 stages and could be illustrated by a bell-shaped curve (see figure 1).

Eventually, every product will pass through all stages of the product life cycle and cease to exist in the current form. What an average American might Photographs have been used to snapshot moments of our lives, so that we may never forget beautiful moments in them, such as marriage, graduation, ceremonies…

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The product life cycle A product life cycle deals with the life of a product in the market, with respect to the business costs and sales. but with the media becoming so predominant in our world today, photographs are being used to bring in evidence about factual incidences occurring all around the world.By continuing to use this site, you consent to the use of cookies.We use cookies to offer you a better experience, personalize content, tailor advertising, provide social media features, and better understand the use of our services.In the following discussion, we will examine several examples to demonstrate how PLC serves as a useful marketing tool to indicate certain marketing strategies to be adopted for products identified in the various stages of PLC.2. In fact, they may not even know about it and have the need for it.Informative promotion or trial offers are required to tell potential customers about this new product. s look at the example of Max Factor Lip Finity (LF) in Hong Kong to demonstrate this stage in reality.Product categories or industries tend to have the longest life cycles and their stages of growth and maturity last longer, relative to those of a product brand.As for extreme cases of fads, PLC is short and the curve shows a sharp growth and sharp decline. As products will experience different characteristics relative to the market and competition in the various PLC stages, they call for distinct marketing objectives and strategies in order to maximize return and optimize efficiency. Introduction In this stage, sales are low as a new product is first introduced to a market. t looking for it and may not be aware of its benefits over current offerings or solutions.A product goes through three stages in the design cycle and these stages are introduction, maturity and decline. By clearly understanding decisions, the PLC process eliminates much of the guesswork. People now marvel about the terrorism found in pictures.The first stage is the introduction stage and in this stage, the product created and is promoted to create awareness as sales will be low until customers become aware of the product and its benefits. The result is the right product reaching the market more efficiently, product revenue, customer satisfaction, and productivity are increased. The most powerful tool in human hands today is media, but strengthen its weaknesses and benefit from the opportunities that may open up.The primary goal of for a product company is a superior product development cycle. Companies can achieve competitive advantage and operational efficiency by understanding the dynamics of product life cycles and implementing a Product Life Cycle system. The more a firm takes care of the marketing mix without forgetting what the consumers are looking for, thus in a few words remaining competitive, during the product’s existence the longer the product’s life cycle will be. The PLC indicates that products have four things in common: (1) they have a limited lifespan; (2) their sales pass through a number of distinct stages, each of which has different characteristics, challenges, and opportunities; (3) their profits are not static but increase and decrease through these stages; and (4) the financial, human resource, manufacturing, marketing and purchasing strategies that products 2. To analyze and discuss the strategic issues, using industry dynamics and Porter’s five forces, and then using Product Life Cycle and Innovation to identify the key marketing features and reflect on them in relationship to a company, consider one of UK’s leading energy companies, E.A company without such a process is fumbling in the dark. Life Cycle Inventory: Introduction: Every new product or development made by man has an impact on environment. ON UK.‘Porter argues that the nature and degree of competition in an of product newness and address international diffusion processes and providing some examples regarding international product life cycle.


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