Intercultural Communication In The Classroom Essay

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Code switching practices have led countries to declare the official languages in a country in order to promote the assimilation of the people in the country.

There are countries that have multiple official languages such as Canada which uses English and French while New Mexico is English and Spanish.

It is polite to use a language that accommodates everyone.

However there are certain times where the subject matter is sensitive and there is high threat, the bilingual speaker may choose a language that excludes others from participating and contributing to the conversation.

It may also be done to accommodate other speakers while there are those who do want to accommodate other speakers.

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In a situation where there are multiple languages being spoken, a bilingual person has to make a choice about which language she or he will speak.

They had conducted a study in the 1930s and 1940s on Native American languages.

These views are similar to the position taken by the people who support the .

The public usually get concerned and it may lead to sharp criticism and even demonstrations There are certain labels that are general such as male or female which show a sexual identity or Canadian or American which show a national identity.

These labels do not generally invoke negative emotions in an individual.


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