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A grabber, strong opening, makes the readers want to go on reading. Your job is to research your favorite hobby and write an informational essay that can be posted on the website. The club hopes that in addition to being informational, the website will help bring in new members.

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Conversely, I know some mothers of Chinese heritage, almost always born in the West, who are not Chinese mothers, by choice or otherwise. For example, my Western friends who consider themselves strict make their children practice their instruments 30 minutes every day. For a Chinese mother, the first hour is the easy part.

It’s hours two and three that get tough.”This is an excerpt from a comparison/contrast essay by Amy Chua, which explains how mothers are different in different cultures.

The objective of this type of essay is to make readers aware of things given in the essay.

It proves full and detailed information in a way that readers become knowledgeable about the topic.It has full description which tells us about sounds and colors; a type of sensory information.The function of an expository essay is to clarify and expose things, ideas, persons, and places through description, process, comparison/contrast, or through problem solution.How would I sound writing in slang, the way I would it, something such as, ‘Look, daddy, let me pull your coat about a cat, Elijah Muhammad — ‘Many who today hear me somewhere in person, or on television, or those who read something I’ve said, will think I went to school far beyond the eighth grade.This impression is due entirely to my prison studies.”“About seven o’clock you could hear the chairs scraping from the tables, someone experimenting with a yellow-toothed piano, if you stood outside the dining-room window and listened.The club hopes that in addition to being informational, the website will help bring in new members.Your job is to research a city or country that you would like to travel to and write an informational essay that can be posted on the website.Uncle Bert, perhaps Grandfather, then Father, and some of the cousins; the men all coming out first into the syrupy evening, blowing smoke, leaving the w SWomen’s voices behind in the cooling-warm kitchen to set their universe aright.Then the first male voices under the porch brim, the feet up, the boys fringed on the worn steps or wooden rails where sometime during the evening something, a boy or a geranium pot, would fall off.”This is an example of a passage from a descriptive essay.Expository is derived from exposition, which is a noun of ‘expose.’ An expository essay is a genre of writing which tends to explain, illustrate, clarify, or explicate something in a way that it becomes clear for readers.Therefore, it could be an investigation, evaluation, or even argumentation about an idea for clarification.


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