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His hands red with black blood The White Man turned to me; And in the Conqueror’s voice said, \"Boy! Document 5From: Sekou Toure, West African nationalist, 1962Colonialism’s greatest misdeed was to have tried to strip us of our responsibility inconducting our own affairs and convince us that our civilization was nothing less thansavagery, thus giving us complexes which led to our being branded as irresponsible andlacking in self-confidence. Ourcontinent possesses tremendous reserves of raw material and they, together with its potentialsources of power, give it excellent conditions for industrialization. Document 7From: Romesh Dutt, The Economic History of India Under Early British Rule Englishmen…have given the people of India the greatest human blessing – peace. This has brought an ancient and civilized nation in touch withmodern thought, modern sciences and modern life.They have built an administration that isstrong and efficient.Moore, 1926To begin with, there are the exporters and manufacturers of certain goods used in thecolonies.

NAME DATE PERIODESSAY DBQ: Effects of Imperialism AP WORLD HISTORY Document-Based Question: Effects of Imperialism Directions: The following question is based on the accompanying Documents 1- 13 (The documentshave been edited for the purpose of this exercise.)This question is designed to test your ability to work with and understand historical documents.

Write an essay that: Has a relevant thesis and supports that thesis with evidence from the documents. Uses all or all but one of the documents. Analyzes the documents by grouping them in as many appropriate ways as possible.

The White Man seduced my mother, My mother was beautiful.

The White Man burnt my brother beneath the noonday sun, My brother was strong. The colonial powers had assimilated each of their colonies into their own economy. Document 6From: Cecil Rhodes, British imperialist in Africa, Confessions of Faith, 1877I contend that we [Britons] are the finest race in the world, and the more of the world weinhabit, the better it is for the human race…It is our duty to seize every opportunity ofacquiring more territory and we should keep this one idea steadily before our eyes that moreterritory simply means more Anglo-Saxon race, more of the best, the most human, mosthonourable race the world possesses.

The imperialist business interests have powerful allies.

Military and naval leaders believestrongly in extending the white man’s rule over the ‘inferior races.’ To this company may beadded another element—the missionary.

They have framed wise laws and have established courts of justice.

DBQ EFFECTS OF IMPERIALISM 3Document 8From: German cartoon, entitled \"Thus colonize the English,” early 20th century Document 9From: Rudyard Kipling, “The White Man’s Burden,” 1899Take up the White Man’s burden – Send forth the best ye breed –Go, bind your sons to exile To serve your captives’ need; To wait, in heavy harness, On fluttered folk and wild –Your new-caught sullen peoples, Half devil and half child.

They can establishschools and newspapers for the colonies [and] give these people the benefit of other blessingsof civilization which they have not the means of creating themselves.

Document 3Political Cartoon: \"Learning civilized ways is hard work\"DBQ EFFECTS OF IMPERIALISM 2Document 4From: An Anthology of West African Verse, David Diop, 1957The White Man killed my father, My father was proud.


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