Ielts Essay Writing Tips General

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For Writing Task 1, organise your introduction by writing down the answer to the question: “What information should someone know about these charts/graphs/diagrams?

This can be a challenge for timed tests, but it is essential to reserve a couple of minutes after each writing task to proofread.

You should look for small mistakes in spelling and grammar.

Most importantly, having a good outline means you can focus on the language you are using (vocabulary and sentence structure) rather than the ideas you will present. You should start by writing a thesis statement (Writing Task 2) or important points to include in your introduction.

Your thesis statement is the driving force behind your entire essay, and every paragraph will relate back to and support it.

Students sometimes argue that because it is a timed test, they shouldn’t spend precious minutes making an outline. An outline will save you time by keeping you focused as you write, so you don’t deviate from the topic.

An outline will also help you organise your ideas and put them in the best order before you start writing.This will help you think of synonyms to use while writing.Also make sure that you are familiar with and comfortable using cohesive words and phrases naturally. You will impress the reader by presenting clear, concise, and cohesive arguments, so this should be your focus while writing.Therefore, it is important to structure paragraphs and sentences so that they present one idea per sentence and one controlling idea per paragraph.Support your arguments with evidence (an example or explanation), then conclude your paragraph by linking the support to your thesis.You score points for using complex sentence structure and strong vocabulary accurately and naturally.Rather than worrying about the length of your essay, take the time to include interesting vocabulary and avoid repeating words.It is important to remember that the IELTS writing tasks are not testing how well you know the subject, or how smart you are.They assess your ability to present ideas clearly and cohesively in English.IELTS writing does not need to be long, although you do need to aim for the required word count (150 and 250 words).Task 2 essays need only have two strong body paragraphs, although three is certainly a plus if you can manage it.


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