Hsc Crime Essay Questions

Other courses include HSC Legal Studies Preparation (Part 1), HSC Legal Studies Preparation (Part 2) and HSC Legal Studies Preparation (Part 3).

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Highlight or mark the questions you’re most unprepared for in pink, the questions you’re a little unsure of in orange and the questions you feel good about in green. Now that you’ve identified what you know, it’s time to get on top of what you don’t know as well. Head over to your notes on those topics and start learning.

If for some reason you realise your notes aren’t that great for those dot points then head over to Atomi and check out some of our handy videos to help you clear those sections up in the quickest and most effective way possible.This makes finding and learning the information you want a lot easier.You can purchase a membership for your child or friend if you know the subjects and electives they study.Try to get a grasp on how you’d answer those questions in an exam situation and use our application videos so see how to get those Band 6 responses.Once you’ve sorted through all the pink highlighter (which there hopefully isn’t too much of), then move onto the orange sections and rinse and repeat this process.It’s the night before the Legal Exam and you’re probably all going a little stir crazy, right?SO many cases and dates and legislation to remember.By now it’s also probably dawned on you that Legal Studies is one of the most content heavy subjects but you've also realised that at this point it’s a little too late to back out so the only thing you can really do is remind yourself that everyone’s in the same boat and just focus on smashing that exam tomorrow!So we thought we’d help ease the burden a little by giving you a few tips that’ll help you make it through tonight and the exam tomorrow.By now you should have all of the basic content sketched out in your head so you should spend some time focusing on the details!That means going through and learning your cases, legislation, media articles, treaties, quotes and case studies that by including them in your responses, will bump your marks up.


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