How To Write Divorce Papers

If your divorce documents were served overseas, they can have the affidavit witnessed in the way affidavits are witnessed in that country.

All words must be in English or translated into English.

This factsheet is the second of five factsheets to help you with your divorce.

This factsheet explains how to serve your divorce papers after you have filed your divorce application. You will find the forms you need to serve your divorce documents in the Divorce Service Kit.

If you are asking a friend or family member to serve the documents, make sure the person is familiar with the rules of special service.

These rules can be found in the Divorce Service Kit.

The sealed documents will be stamped with the hearing date and location.

You will need to print the PDF file to serve on your spouse.

The server must hand the papers directly to your spouse.

They must not leave the papers with someone other than your spouse.


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