How To Write An Essay Without Plagiarizing

Though you might not think that the information you included without attribution in your paper about the history of silkworms really constitutes stealing, think again.

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Now that I’ve told you all the horror stories associated with plagiarism, let’s turn the flashlights off, get away from the campfire, and go back to the drawing board. To avoid plagiarizing, you have several options: paraphrasing, using quotation marks, and citing your sources.

For formal papers, a combination of those methods is often necessary.

You can include information from outside sources through proper paraphrasing and quoting.

To learn about these two approaches, see our short video on Paraphrasing and our Quoting, Paraphrasing, and Summarizing page.

As noted in Step 2, you can paraphrase and quote pieces of evidence to include information from outside sources.

But, all of that information must be cited within your paper using in-text citations and a separate references list. I mean, your research essay or book report is going to be If you think about someone’s writing or idea as intellectual property, then re-using that idea or writing without attribution is a lot like stealing. How can I know how to avoid plagiarism if I don’t know what it is? First of all, Merriam-Webster describes plagiarism as the “the act of using another person’s words or ideas without giving credit to that person,” but you probably already looked that up, and it doesn’t exactly lay it out for you.Not to expose yourself to such unjustified risk, remember rule 1 – avoid any form of plagiarism while writing an essay.Sometimes it is especially difficult because of the specific nature of essay writing itself. No one wants to speak up in class and ask the seemingly obvious question: What is plagiarism? Let me teach you how to avoid plagiarism in your writing.You can find detailed information about citing rules at https://edu/research/citing/.(d) to represent as one’s own any idea or expression of an idea or work of another in any academic examination or term test or in connection with any other form of academic work, i.e. You’ve already heard the warnings about plagiarism.But you may still be wondering how you’re supposed to give proper references to all the reading you’ve done and all the ideas you’ve encountered.The point of documenting sources in academic papers is not just to avoid unpleasant visits to the Dean’s office, but to demonstrate that you know what is going on in your field of study.


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