How To Write An Apa Essay

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And then suppose that your basic finding is that there is a positive and significant relationship between extraversion and risk taking.

In short, you found evidence that extraverts tend to report being risky relative to the reports of introverts. So how would you write that up in a way that was able to convey your findings and their implications to the scientific community?

Each sentence should point toward the next sentence, with this section culminating in a way that makes your research question obviously important and ready to be studied. You might say that you calculated a correlation coefficient between the two main variables (in this example, extraversion and risk taking).

The final sentence of your introduction for the example used here might be something like “For these reasons, it is important for us to better understand the relationship between extraversion and risk taking.” After your introduction, you have your Method section. After you describe your methods for data collection, you need to describe what you found. You might say how large that effect was and if that effect was in the predicted direction.

Usually, we think of it as a style that summarizes a report of some scientific study or set of studies that include actual data and a summary of the results.

How To Write An Apa Essay

An APA style paper can also describe a study (or set of studies) or it might summarize some theoretical, conceptual ideas on a topic.

This section should be written as if you are writing down a cookie recipe for someone across the world to follow. You could also comment on “statistical significance," speaking to whether the finding was beyond what would be expected by chance.

Your goal is to have that person bake the cookies in a way that is exactly like you and your mom make them! Your study might have many variables and even experimental manipulations.

Here, you present the required information on the does not count!

Here, you will cite academic journal articles that have already been peer-reviewed and published. See your university's library for information on what all constitutes a scholarly sources. Mastering these details is not really that difficult.


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